Milk & Honey Apex Pomegranate Wine Cask Single Malt Israeli Whisky 700ml


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Milk & Honey Apex Pomegranate Wine Cask

This limited edition bottle of Milk & Honey Apex, Pomegranate Wine Cask, is an exploration of places and matters. Their Head Distiller, Tomer Goren, specifically selects exceptional casks for each batch, chosen for their distinct location of maturation or to showcase the magic of wood and terroir.  Layers are revealed one scent at a time, complexity develops, and flavours unlock as the whisky meets the air, or a drop of water, and lingers on the tongue. This small-batch was aged in ex-Bourbon casks and finished in fortified style pomegranate wine casks for a period of six months. The unique pomegranate fruit offers this whisky Its exceptional flavours.
Non-Chill-Filtered, Natural Colour, Kosher.

59.5% abv

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Ripe pomegranate, followed by a swirl of rich vanilla, roasted coffee and butterscotch. Strong earthiness, accompanied by notes of orris root, spearmint and freshly baked sour apple.

Palate: Juicy, with crushed pomegranate grains, dried figs and a bouquet of spicy-sour herbs.

Finish: Long and dry, with a hint of toasted oak, followed by sourdough pretzels with a side of red fruits.



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