Merlet Apricot brandy 700mL


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Merlet’s Lune d’Abricot reinvents a traditional product, Apricot Brandy. The Merlets source different varieties of apricots from partner producers in Roussilon to guarantee consistent quality. Thanks to their position as currant growers and winemakers, the Merlets are able to exchange with their partner producers and call on their own expertise to select fruits of optimal ripeness. The apricots are soaked in pure alcohol with some of their kernels to extract all their flavours, then pressed and filtered. This natural fruit infusion is then blended with a little bit of young Cognac for more depth and complexity, before sugar is added to obtain the final liqueur. Complete control of every stages of the process, from sourcing the fruits and selecting only the ripest to their transformation by Merlet, together with the very high concentration of macerated fruits, convert this brandy, made according to an exclusive recipe, into a product of many uses.
Lune d’Abricot is a whimsically-named apricot brandy from the Merlet family – it translates to Apricot Moon. After macerating the fruit in neutral alcohol, it is blended with extracts from apricot kernels and Cognac.

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