Maru Matcha Japanese Green Tea Liqueur 750ml


Minimum 6 bottles

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MARU MATCHA uses “Chiran Matcha” an organic tea cultivated in a single field of Kagoshima’s well-established
tea shop “Shimodoen”. These single varieties of matcha have obtained organic certification in Japan, Germany, and the United States. Produced by Hombo Shuzo, who also make Mars whisky, this liqueur can be enjoyed on ice, with soda, or neat.

Nose: Sweet butter, cocoa, brioche bread, sansho pepper, citrus, grassy.

Palate: Umami, grass, citrus zest: Unshu Mikan/Shekwasha. Sansho pepper, Roselle, subtle nuttiness.

Finish: smooth, with a delicate sweetness. Long finish lingers in your mouth.


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