Martell VS Fine Cognac 700mL


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Martell VS Single Distillery marries spirits from a single distillation source for a richer and more intense expression of the Martell distillation style. Each bottle of Martell VS Single Distillery is sourced from one of our carefully selected partner distilleries in the cognac region. Resulting in in a blend that is smoother, fruitier and less spicy.

smells pleasant with pear and hints of smoke
but the fact is i didnt enjoy this drink, the balance is odd to me, i have drank this in both straight and on the rocks (on the rocks preferred)
now i can and am drinking this over ice but its just not pleasant, the unique taste and balance doesnt work for me
its also worth noting i have tried this in the preffered tasting method of warming in palm with a low wine glass…in summery not bad just not great for a first time cognac

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