Lawrenny 1818 Settlers Gin (700ml)


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Joe Dinsmoor is head distiller at Lawrenny, having previously worked at Larks and Archie Rose. He’s now swapped the big city life for the rural haven at Lawrenny Estate. This is a navy strength tribute to Tasmania’s pioneers, reflecting their strength, persistence and character in gin.

Tasmania is a contradiction of nature. Beautiful, yet rugged; a land as untouched as it is unforgiving. To survive this land, our early settlers endured an era defined by both hostility and opportunity. Our navy strength 1818 Settlers Gin is a tribute to those that withstood adversitythose with strength, persistence, and full of character. it is all that embodies a truly stoic gin by Lawrenny; one for the cocktail connoisseur, when only a premium gin will do.

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