Lark Distillery Wolf Release IV 500ml


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This big, bad release is back and has as much howl as ever. Once again swapping barrels with Victoria’s Wolf of the Willows Brewery, Wolf Release IV takes a porter-braised core of smoked malt and chocolate and gives it a bright citrus lift.

Smoky, daring, bright

A collaboration of distinction

For four years running, we’ve shared a vision with our friends across the pond — handcrafting modern tipples distinct in quality, flavour and character. We send them whisky casks, they age their Johnny Smoke Porter in them and we then use them to finish this beast of a release. This year’s comes from our Bothwell Distillery, handpicked because it lifts and freshens any finish — even one as dark and brooding as Johnny.


Bright citrus, toasted coconut, caramelised malt, grapefruit, cocoa powder and oak.

Orange syrup, grapefruit, ancient oak, smoked malt, dark chocolate and toffee.

Smoky, creamy and bright citrus.


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