La Clandestine Suisse Absinthe 700mL


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Crafted in the Val de Travers Switzerland, the birthplace of Absinthe, La Clandestine is as genuine as absinthe gets. It is distilled by a multiple award-winning husband and wife team in small batches with all natural ingredients. Seven of the ten botanicals are sourced from the local area including Grand Wormwood, Anise and Fennel. The final distillate is cut with Swiss mountain spring water to bring the alcohol content down to 53%.
Tasting note: Pale and clear with some minor particles evident. Opens unexpectedly sweet and raw sugar like before releasing drier scents of kumquat paste, (tarragon / sage?) and curry leaf over deep anise, the latter amplified after aeration. Gains added freshness and definition in the later passes. Lean and light on entry developing texture and attitude at the mid palate stage with a slow motion, penetrating attack of dried herbs, peppermint and anise fanning out; excellent bitter-sweet balance. Outstanding length. Concludes long, piney, fresh and mildly tongue numbing. Great poise and persistence. Impressive. 53% Alc./Vol.

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