Kyoya Shuzo Yuzu Japanese Gin 750ml


Minimum 6 bottles

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This renowned shochu distillery uses its sweet potato spirit as the base for a bold gin with a peppery finish. Yuzu aside, the Miyazakimade gin contains eight other botanicals like ginger, sanshō pepper, hyuganatsu (a sweetsour
citrus), cucumber, and coriander seeds. Perfect with soda, tonic, or in a Fitzgerald or Army & Navy cocktail.

Nose: Citrus, pomelo, sweet and peppery. Wisps of Juniper.

Taste: A well-balanced twist on a London dry style, oleaginous and chewy—the sweet potato gives it extra body and sweetness, moderated by the sour, slightly bitter notes from the hyuganatsu. Yuzu exemplified!

Finish: Juniper, ginger, sanshō pepper. Followed by citrus, coriander, and cucumber.



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