Kyoya Shuzo Hinata Small Batch Gin 750ml


Minimum 6 bottles

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‘Hinata’ offers an abundance of flavour. Made with generous amounts of juniper to complement the piney flavour and give this gin its signature warmth, botanical extracts of kumquat, hebess citrus and hyuganatsu citrus from the sunny Miyazaki prefecture have been added. Chamomile and cardamom come through in the delightful afterglow.

Nose: Cardamom, cedar, and plenty of ginger. Does this even need tonic?

Palate: That cardamom jumps right out but we also get some citrus as well, yet it keeps going piney and grassy. It doesn’t have much heat at all and remains soft on the tongue.

Finish: A hint of cinnamon slowly turns into minty liquorice.

ABV 47%

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