Knockando Slow Matured 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)


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High quality sherry casks are considered a luxury in the world of whisky, and the spirits they mature often command top dollar. This is the second oldest age statement and reportedly the most Sherry influenced expression in the Knockando line up. Akin to a ‘cleaner’, toned-down and more contemporary version of Glendronach 18 or Glengoyne 21, it retains distinct notes of dried fruits in a soft, succulent delivery making it the perfect choice for anyone wanting to acquaint themselves with sherried styles – without emptying their wallet.

Tasting note: Matured in European x-sherry casks and x Bourbon. Very deep brassy gold. An appealing medley of fruity American oak and sherry sweetness on the nose, which is also mildly nutty (think walnuts / almonds). Air contact develops the dried fruit aspect with prunes, dried fig, raisin slice and honey. Later hints of ‘old books’ and rancio too. Beautifully rounded mouthfeel, with classic dried fruit / sherry input followed by light orange zest. Some poached orchard fruits, sweet spice and pepper notes build through the finish. Medium length. A lovely balance of mature woody / fruity aromas and flavours. 43% Alc./Vol.

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