Klipdrift Brandy & Premium Brandy 750ml


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Klipdrift Brandy 750ml -1x

Klipdrift Premium Brandy 750ml -1x


Klipdrift Brandy 750ml

Klipdrift Export is a brandy worthy of its status as a South African Icon. Skilfully distilled and left to mature in French Oak for three years, its rich array of flavours with complex tastes and aromas create what is celebrated today as pure liquid gold.

ABV 43%

Klipdrift Premium Brandy 750ml

It starts with harvesting the FINEST QUALITY GRAPES, then the expert distillation process takes place to create the ‘soul’ of the brandy. Next is maturation, where the brandy is aged in French oak casks, before finally being meticulously blended, in vintage copper pot stills, according to the brandy master’s special recipe.

Klipdrift Premium is the result of the Master Distiller’s dedication to crafting the smooth, FULL-BODIED BRANDY enjoyed today. Made by skilfully blending and an extended maturation period of 3 year old brandy and older.

With its distinctive character and style, it’s more than just golden premium quality – it’s art.



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