Kavalan Concertmaster Port Cask Finish Single Malt Taiwanese Whisky (700ml)


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In a market previously dominated by Cognac, Taiwan is now officially one of the world’s biggest consumers of whisky. Soaring consumption amongst the island’s population of 23-million, is eclipsed only by the United States, France, Singapore and Spain.The young and newly affluent are driving sales, with consumers willing to shell out top dollar for a bottle of whisky in fashionable bars and clubs. Local expert Ivan Chang, comments ”Here, a night out typically starts with a group of friends and a bottle of whisky at a restaurant. From there, it’s moved to a KTV or nightclub where it’s time for the second bottle. At each new location, a further bottle is well likely to follow.”

Chang also concedes that Scotch has become an aspirational status symbol for many Taiwanese. Scotch whisky marketers have responded with numerous brands offering special releases exclusively for Taiwan. It’s one explanation behind the country’s changing drinking habits. There are others. Jens Kastner, writing in the Asia Times, notes that, according to industry sources “From the late 1990s on whisky gradually took over, after Scottish whisky makers, among those most prominently The Macallan, started sophisticated promotion campaigns. Face-to-face, small-group brand-training engagement activities were conducted all over the island.”

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