Kahlua Especial Licor de Cafe Black Label Liqueur (1000ml)


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With its strong cane spirit and vanilla background, Kahlua coffee liqueur remains a market leader and is the world’s second top selling liqueur. The product became famous in Boston, USA during the 1950’s as a cocktail when it was mixed with milk to create the ‘Sombrero’. It is now drunk with milk in every country to which it is exported. Kahlua has recently unveiled “Kahlua Especial”, previously available only on the duty-free market. This super-premium version of the popular coffee liqueur is hand-crafted to cater to the sophisticated coffee lover. The taste offers a blend of dark chocolate and cafe mocha with an aroma of vanilla coffee and a hint of rum raising the coffee lover’s passion to a new level. Whether straight, over ice, in a coffee drink or as the extra kick in your favorite cocktail, Kahlua Especial is perfect as you wind down your day or rev up your night.

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