Isle of Jura Prophecy Whisky 700mL


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The legend of the Jura prophecy dates from the early 1700’s when it was said that the illustrious Campbell family had evicted a wise old seer blessed with the sight of a third eye – the ability to see the future, she prophesised that when the last member of the family left Jura they would be one eyed and his belongings would be carried in a cart drawn by a white horse. In 1938 Charles Campbell left the island. Blind in one eye from the Great war and having fallen on bad times, his goods were carried in a cart drawn by a single white horse. He was the last Campbell to leave the Island and the last laird of Jura. The prophecy was fulfilled and over time the story became legend.
Jura Prophecy Bottling Note:
A very peated edition from Isle of Jura, Prophecy is made from a selection of old and rare Jura whiskies. Very interesting indeed.
Tasting Notes:
Nose: Some peat, aniseed, oily, dry, pungent.
Palate: Smoky and dry, a muscular, powerful Jura with notes of nutmeg, cardamom, sea spray. Coal tar.
Finish: Good length, with punchy, dry peat smoke and dry herbal notes.

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