JimmyRum Spiced 700ml


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JimmyRum Spiced

JimmyRum’s first adventure into the world of Spiced Cane Spirit. We’ve spent many months testing different flavour directions, but ultimately, JimmyRum is all about showing “what rum can be” — so we figured it would be logical to start with the classic spiced rum flavours for this spiced cane spirit.
Spiced contains elements of apple, lime, orange, smoked vanilla, as well as a good dash of spice from nutmeg and cinnamon. Blended to be lower on sweetness so you get more of the true JimmyRum flavour and it makes a great first step into our amazing world of rum and cane spirits.
It can be savoured over ice, combined with your favourite mixer, or step up your skills and drop it into a classic Pina Colada or Mai Tai.

Alcohol Volume 43.2%

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