Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year Old Bourbon 700mL


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Introducing Jim Beam Signature Craft, a unique series that explores the artisan craft of whiskey-making with unique and ground-breaking expressions showcasing bourbon and whiskey exploration at its very best. With a blend of authentic tradition with modern ideas and techniques, each expression in the series is hand crafted in small batches, displaying their own unique style. The first signature craft is an extra aged 12-year bourbon. Full-bodied in flavour with rich complexity from extensive aging, this is a great bourbon for sipping straight or on the rocks.
“Fred has selected just the right barrels from the massive Beam warehouses, and the result is a beautifully balanced bourbon…And at $40, it’s a relative bargain for a bourbon this elegant, and aged for this long. In Fred We Trust.”- Huffington Post Tony Sachs – July 2013

“Noe and company have done an excellent job choosing and managing the barrels they reserve for the 12 year old… It is right where a 12-year bourbon should be… Here the ‘craft’ is primarily in wood management and barrel selection, both of which are done exceptionally well.

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