Hennessy Black Cognac 1000ml


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Hennessy Black is the iconic brand’s first major launch since the Hennessy VS in 1961. Designed to be used as a base to your favorite cocktail or spirit and mixer, it’s a versatile VS housed in a contemporary and chic bottle. Multifaceted in flavor, it ranges from citrus to floral with a delightful fresh burst of grapes. It is available in a larger 1000ml format, meaning there’s plenty to go around at your next dinner party!

The blend is distinctively smooth with a mix of 35-45 unique, pale and gold-colored eaux-de-vie, specially selected for their elegance and refined florality. This eaux-de-vie are left to age in old French oak barrels that are at least five years old, a true example of Hennessy’s craftsmanship and respect for their heritage and history. It’s important to note that the Hennessy Black is not 5 years old, and is, in fact, a VS of around 2 or 3 years.

What makes Hennessy Black stand out from the rest of their range is its specific production for cocktails and mixed drinks. It’s marketed as a premium product and its slightly higher price tag (compared to others in its age category) gives it an element of exclusivity, found only in the most upmarket bars and nightclubs. It is a Cognac for the modern drinker, yet still remains true to the quality and trust of the Hennessy brand heritage. Mark Cornell, CEO of Moet Hennessy USA, calls it a Cognac “Done Different”, an elevated Cognac for a fun yet sophisticated drinking experience.

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