Giniversity Botanical Gin 500mL


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Born of Giniversity; a unique Margaret River gin experiment of clever unearthing, ingenious trials and artistic expression through gin. Handpicked botanicals carefully chosen to reflect a unique Native Australian recipe. Pronounced botanicals Juniper, Sandalwood, Boronia, Lemon Myrtle and Eucalypt. Fresh and fruity palate; experiment with your garnish, choose any fresh fragrant seasonal fruit like bittersweet grapefruit, sweet strawberries, fresh orange, juicy peach, the list goes on.

Produced using botanicals including juniper, sandalwood, boronia, lemon myrtle and eucalypt.

Tasting note: Atypical, floral aromas suggest rose petal and cardamom. Later inhalations find crushed citriadora leaf (lemon scented eucalypt), muted white pepper, orris root? Chamomile tea? Creamy with light spice, lemon verbena and yoghurt flavours. Ends with a cool mint-like finish.

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