GinFinity Mango Bubblegum Gin 500ml


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GinFinity Mango BubbleGum is the second high ester gin in the world! Borrowing heavily from rum production, it is fermented with dunder, creating the crazy bubblegum characteristics. GinFinity BubbleGum gins are essentially a rum/gin hybrid inspired by old world Jamaican rum production.

Tasting notes: 

 Mango BubbleGum Gin is a very dry gin, with strong aromas of fresh mangos and mango flesh. It has very tropical and juicy flavours, most obviously mango with floral characters of juniper shining through.

How to serve:

 Mango BubbleGum Gin shines best in fruity cocktails where its fruity flavours are enhanced. When mixed with tonic, Mango BubbleGum tastes just like the smell of a fresh mango!

Botanicals: Juniper, Mango & Apricot

45% ABV


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