Garden Grown Gin (700ml) – (Formerly Distillery Botanica)


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This corps which is highly purified with no odour or water remaining absorbs the flavour and fragrance from the flowers. Every 24 hours the petals are removed from the tray and replaced with fresh ones. This may be repeated dozens of times per tray. The trays are stacked so that the tray on the top can trap the rising fragrance from the flowers on the tray below.Once saturated with aromatics, the corps is referred to as the “pomade” (the most highly saturated pomade is called “pomade No. 36” because the frames have been charged with fresh flowers 36 times, the maximum during enfleurage). The next step is to break up the pomade in the presence of high strength neutral spirit which takes up the natural flower oils and leaves the spent fat behind.At Garden Grown Gin, the aim is to extract the purest perfume from their chief botanical, Murraya, without the use of heat. This makes the delicate flower come alive with cues of jasmine, honeysuckle and orange blossom.

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