Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin 500mL


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Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin (500ml)

Barrel ageing is nothing new in the spirits business, after all it’s how whiskeys and brandies get their depth, colour and character. In the gin world, the US has been barrel-ageing gin for a few years, while in Australia we have Ginnifer Barrel-Aged Gin from Western Australia and Kangeroo Island Spirits also have a barrel aged gin. Four Pillars have “rested” their gin for 6 months in French oak and created a blend using a solera system (the gin is blended from different barrels of varying ages). The result is a gin with a distinct honey colour and an ABV of 43.8%! The orange aroma so prominent in the Rare Dry in hasn’t survived the ageing process, but instead there is a different sweetness altogether, reminiscent of an Old Tom style, but it finishes on spicy, warm notes. I could also taste a connection with the maltier Genever. The gin botanicals have been blended and rounded into another drink entirely, so it’s silly to compare the original with the barrel aged. And that’s the point I guess. Expanding the gin category and pushing the boundaries of what gin should and could be. Over ice it is smooth and easy to drink and I made a very fine Martinez with Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin

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