Electric Spirit Co Achroous Gin 700ml


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There’s a boatload of gin out there right now. We know. Achroous was born to stand out – both in flavour and by design.Created with the heart and backbone of a london dry, it’s a rich, grown-up spirit, made with a unique blend of seven carefully chosen botanicals.The end result is an electrifying, multi award-winning riff on a classic gin.



A big, wafting nose, especially once you’ve added tonic. The sichuan peppercorns bring a huge, floral spice, while the fennel adds a grassy, herbaceous hint of anis.


First and foremost, a big whack of juniper. From there, there’s a woody, musty quality from the root botanicals, a gentle sweetness from the fennel seed, and a fragrant, earthy citrus from the peppercorns.


Lip-smacking, resinous bitterness, laced with warm, delicate notes of spice and sweet anis.


In terms of a g&t – grab a rocks or a highball glass, fill it with big cubes of good quality ice, pour in 35ml of achroous and top up with a dry, light tonic, like fever tree refreshingly light. If you want garnish, use citrus – lemon or pink grapefruit work well.

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