Coruba Jamaica Rum 700mL


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Coruba is a dark stronger flavoured Rum. With hints of spices and caramel overtones. Great way to add depth to your Rum drinks and a little bit of colour.

 In the past, Coruba, as with most Jamaican Rum, was one of the most full-bodied and highly flavoured of all rums (achieved by distilling at a comparatively low strength to allow a large amount of esters to come over in the distillation.) Now, however, as more and more is used in cocktails and mixing, a lighter, paler and less erotic article is preferred. While Coruba is not a weak spirit, it is also not a traditional dark, full flavoured rum. Oaky, well rounded and mellow with a clean and dry spirit finish, Coruba offers a warm sensation of the tropics. It is aged for a minimum of three years and bottled at 37.2% alc./vol.

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