Cognac Liqueur 700mL


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Hedonist is a exquisite blend of V.S. Cognac, natural ginger & natural vanilla. The harmony of the blend delivers the Cognac’s richness on the first note. The light bitterness of the ginger comes through and is then followed by a sweet and fresh note of vanilla. The Cognac’s strength holds the blend together and creates a full sense experience.
Hpnotiq is a refreshing liqueur, comprised from a blend of premium French Vodka, exotic fruit juices and Cognac. Mixing Cognac with fruit is a highly revered French tradition. After a lengthy maceration, the fruits reach the climax of their aromatic flavour potential. The tropical nectar’s are then carefully proportioned and blended with each other. The vodka component is carefully triple distilled in a traditional copper pot still, resulting in a pure, cool, pristine vodka contribution to the mix. The sum of the component parts of Hpnotiq make it an innovative and inspirational blend unparalleled in today’s liqueur market.

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