Chief’s Son Distillery 900 Standard Single Malt Whisky 700ml


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This beautifully smooth, full bodied, warm rich red whisky bears our Standard whisky insignia and represents the distillery’s flagship single malt whisky. It’s crafted from a base and a specialty malt, including a small percentage of peated malt to impart a deep caramel flavour, all matured in ex-fortified French oak barrels.

The Family Series – take a journey with us over the past 100 years of our family’s history. After our first release ‘25 Words’, we embarked on the Family Series for our 900 Standard whisky releases. There’s no secrets here, so this is where we’ve been, where we’re at and where we’re heading.



Rich Madeira, brilliant clarity, 7/10 viscosity.


Sweet fruit, sherry and roasted nuts, baked toffee and warm butterscotch, complex sweet leather and oak.


Full sherry, balanced oak and sweet barley, oily and complex with a late caramelised peat.


Medium to long, sherried and old oak.

 45% abv

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