Casamigos Tequila Blanco 700mL


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Casamigos Tequila Blanco 700mL  – Award Winner

George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila.

BLANCO: Rests for 2 months. Crisp and clean with hints of citrus, vanilla and sweet agave, with a long smooth finish.

PROPRIETARY YEAST: Our Master Distiller uses a special yeast blend resulting in a consistent, refined flavor, unlike the commercial yeasts others use. EXTRA SLOW FERMENTATION: Our unique flavor is a result of an 80 hour fermentation process, compared to the average 48.

Aged for 14 months. Pure and complex aroma, with soft caramel and vanilla notes. Perfect balance of sweetness from the Blue Weber agaves, with subtle hints of spice and barrel oak, with a lingering smooth finish. After harvest, the agave piñas are roasted in traditional brick ovens for seventy-two hours before undergoing an extra-slow fermentation process over an additional eighty hours, nearly double the industry standard.

The Blanco rests for two months, while the Reposado and Añejo are aged seven and 14 months respectively in the finest premium American white oak barrels, which have been carefully reconditioned after being used to age the premium whiskey.

“Casamigos Blanco is crisp and clear, with subtle hints of vanilla and a smooth finish, Casamigos Reposado is smooth and clean with hints of caramel, and Casamigos Añejo is a perfect balance of sweetness from the Blue Weber agaves, layered with barrel oak and subtle hints of spice with a lingering smooth finish. All expressions are great served neat or on the rocks, and are the perfect base for premium cocktails,” says Rande, another of the co-founders.

Before going into the bottle, each batch is tasted and approved by the master distiller, and the co-founders, to ensure the highest quality. Each batch is then numbered and signed by the co-founders.

Casamigos has attracted some impressive accolades since its launch, including gold medals from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, The Beverage Testing Institute, The New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, The Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition and many more.

Who are these friends who decided to launch a tequila brand? None other than Academy Award-winning actor, director, producer George Clooney; bar and restaurant entrepreneur Rande Gerber and luxury residential private club and resort owner Michael Meldman.

“We love tequila. On the rocks, by the shot, at times, straight from the bottle. We are excited to bring Casamigos to Australia and New Zealand. It’s a great feeling to share something we created, drink and are extremely proud of,” say George Clooney and Rande Gerber.

Clooney adds: “We talked about how this was going to be like the bottles you see in old John Wayne movies, where you slide the bottle down the bar, pull the cork out with your teeth, and pour yourself a shot.”

Patrick Borg, founder and managing director of Think Spirits, which distributes Casamigos says: “Think Spirits has fantastic experience within the tequila category here in Australia and we are very, very proud to be representing such a fantastic tequila brand. Casamigos will change people’s perceptions of what tequila is and can be. It’s so smooth when sipped neat and so versatile when used in mixed drinks! It’s a game changer.”

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