Camus Ile De Re Fine Island Cognac 700mL


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CAMUS Ile de Ré Fine Island is a Cognac like no other from the westernmost vineyards of France, with a uniquely distinctive, marine taste profile, deeply linked to its island provenance.

The calcareous and sandy soils of the Island contribute the vigor of the vines while the natural abundance of seaweed (kelp) and the sea spray wind-swept over the vineyards give a typically marine composition to the grapes, richer in iodine.

The unique island climate, windy but warmer than the continent creates also the perfect environment for a steady and consistent maturation in barrels.
The result is a smooth and balanced Cognac, with marine notes that make it entirely unique in the category, best served neat, on ice or in cocktails.

Alcohol Volume: 40%

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