Camus Elegance Collection Miniature Set VSOP/XO/EXTRA Cognac 3 x 50mL


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The core CAMUS range offers unrivaled intensity of aromas thanks to a unique production process based on the exclusive use of unfiltered wines and on a selection of the first liters, with the highest ester content, during distillation.

1 x 50mL – The clear and brilliant gold of COGNAC CAMUS VSOP contains a beautiful presence of floral and fruity aromas with notes of grapefruit and almond. The harmony of fresh fruit, subtly woody, is eloquently expressed on the palate. A touch of spice and vanilla crowns the delicate finish.

1 x 50mL – The gold with flamboyant amber reflections of COGNAC CAMUS XO announces the voluptuousness of a harmony of flowers and dried fruits. Subtle and elegant, the flavors of plums, hazelnuts and liquorice are concentrated to the extreme in a finish delicately chiselled by a spicy touch.

1 x 50mL – The golden color of COGNAC CAMUS EXTRA accompanied by brilliant shades of mahogany offers a cascading profusion of aromatic notes of great complexity: notes of pastry and cream, touches of dried violet, tobacco, leather and nuts. The finish is velvety with an exceptional length in the mouth.

Alcohol Volume: 40%

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