Bond & Lillard Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 375mL


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The first releases of Campari’s “Whiskey Barrons” series are here, and extremely limited. The juice is distilled and aged at Wild Turkey (one of our absolute favorite distilleries) this is a blend of a handful of barrels aged at least seven years and charcoal filtered prior to bottling. Bottled in 375ml this is another recent release that pays tribute to pre-prohibition whiskeys as formats were not standardized then and often whiskey was sold in smaller packages. How does it taste, you ask? Delicious. Floral aromas accented by sweet cereal grains, vanilla, brown sugar and a hint of butterscotch awash your nose and palate. The distinctly sweet overtone on the palate is balanced by a full heaping of baking spice. One sip will take you back to the future. This is a definite must for the whisky historian and connoisseur.

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