Beluga Summer Label Vodka 700ml


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Vodka “Beluga” – one of the most successful spirit brands in Russia. This exclusive vodka is produced at the Mariinsky distillery, a subsidiary of “Synergy”. Through the efforts of specialists Beluga vodka could be a worthy representative of the Russian alcohol industry abroad. Today it is exported to many European countries, including the UK, Poland, Bulgaria and other countries. This vodka – a truly unique, designer product. Made it in safely in environmentally region of Siberia – Kemerovo region. For hundreds of miles around the production there are no large industrial facilities. This means that the vodka “Beluga” absorb all the best that nature can give. Two stages of filtration deliver unsurpassed purity of flavor vodka. In addition, after each stage of the production of vodka is given time to “rest” and “calm.” Thus, vodka “Beluga” “resting” and “infused” to reveal their best qualities.

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