Bass & Flinders Distillery Ochre Aged Grape Spirit (700ml)


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A first of its kind in Australia, Ochre is double distilled in a copper Alembic still on the Mornington Peninsula from Chardonnay grapes grown at Red Hill. Maturation takes place in 330-litre and 110-litre French oak barrels have been previously used to store aged grape spirit for 25 years in France.

Master Distiller, Bob Laing comments, “We aspired to produce a world-class aged spirit. A spirit that could not only match its international counterparts but also capture the essence of the ‘Australian spirit’ in a bottle. It was natural therefore, to look to France for inspiration on their production methods of aged grape spirits to guide us in the way we make this product. The result is a beautifully handcrafted Australian style aged spirit.”

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