Bakery Hill Peated Malt Single Malt Australian Whisky 500ml


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Bakery Hill Peated Malt Single Malt Australian Whisky

Our Peated Single Malt attracts both peated whisky lovers as well as those previously averse to the heavier smokier elements of single malts.

In our Peated expression, rather than overpowering the malt with smoke, the peat acts as a complimentary flavour to the sweet, floral and fresh notes of the spirit.

Something to savour and enjoy.

The malted barley is “peated” in northern Scotland and exhibits a more “Highland” style peat, which produces an “earthier” rounded peat smoke with minimal “medicinal/iodine” notes. We have deliberately kept the peating level to a low/medium amount to ensure balance and to encourage the other sweeter flavour profiles to shine through.

Milling of the grain, brewing and distilling is then conducted in our Melbourne distillery, before maturing in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels from Jack Daniels for up to 8 years.

Single barrel maturation to ensure you get every ounce of flavour without blending.

Our Peated Single malt will appeal to traditional Islay whisky lovers of Laphroaig/Ardbeg/Bowmore, as well those looking for a classic Single Malt with a bit of extra body and mouthfeel.

Rich, golden russet.

A subdued peat aroma combined with natural leather and overtones of kumquat and fruit mince tart. Sweet, but not overly so.

The palate reveals a tobacco leaf earthiness with layer upon layer of complex smoke intermingling with toffee and honeycomb. Lingers on the lips and palate, demanding just one more sip.

Astonishingly long and complex, an exotic mix of experiences.


ABV  46%

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