Bakers Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)


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Baker’s is second of four super premium Bourbons released by Jim Beam in the “Small Batch Bourbon Collection.” Made from a recipe preferred by Baker Beam, grand nephew of Jim Beam, Baker’s Bourbon embodies over six generations of distilling experience. Baker’s utilises a special strain of jug yeast that provides it with a silky smooth texture that remains consistent from batch to batch.
Further notes… nose: excellent rye bite to firm and sweet nose. fruity with mature plums and over ripe banana star; palate: rye kicks off early and allows bitter and prickly, softly spiced, middle to ensure a characterful, multi-layered bourbon; finish: massively complex follow through with quite enormous and beautiful chocolate notes; comment: a chocoholic’s bourbon with a bigger rye firmness. Tasty stuff.

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