2004 Diplomatico Single Vintage Rum (700ml)


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Tasting note: First impressions don’t count for much in this superb rum that demands extended breathing. Tasted over several days, it continued to build richness and complexity, much like an older sherry matured whisky. As with previous vintages, this beams like polished mahogany. Initially shy, ample air contact releases heady aromas of crème caramel, old muscat, dates, dilute maple syrup and baklava, as well as drier notes of peppercorn and cedar. Medium bodied, yet densely packed with flavours of molasses, café-cremes, milk chocolate and liquorice bullets, balanced by delicate astringency and a burst of cinnamon warmth. The finish injects a second rush of sugars, leaving a residue of banana cake and a medley of dried fruits. Style wise, this takes a slightly different trajectory to the 2000 and 2002, retaining all the complexity and nuance you’d expect, while showing more restraint, oak and spice as well as serious staying power; it’s in a league that resembles great brandies. The rewards are in patience. 43% Alc./Vol.

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